The Viral Video Contest is OPEN!!!

… for Regis students. Win fame glory and $100 first place.

Please see the rules here. 


Justin Parker and Jimmy Craig, high school friends from Billerica who are rising a wave of fame, based in part on their viral video hit.

The contest is open only to Regis students but the Viral Video Symposium on Oct. 27 at Regis will be open to all. Our guest speakers are Jimmy Craig and Justin Parker, the duo behind Fatawesome and the viral video hit Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend, which has more than 19.5 million hit so far. Also more than 200,000 likes as well. We will also have other participants, to be announced soon.

We will be posting additional details soon.

Please see Viral Video Resources for a copy of the entry form and suggestions on make an awesome video.


The World’s First Viral Video Symposium….

videsymposiumposter…. at Regis College* will be held on Oct. 27, 2014.

Details are being finalized so this post is just a tease. As is this poster.

When the new Regis College web site launches next week, there will be a page with information on entering the contest and more details about our speakers.

The symposium and contest is supported by a Regis College co-curricular grant and sponsored by the MAPW program. It grew out of instructor Schorow’s obsession with memes and viral videos and the way that content spreads among Internet users.

So stay tuned.

* Ok, so we’re not sure it’s the world’s absolute FIRST viral video symposium, but it’s the first at Regis College.

Happy New Year!

613px-Happy_new_year_01_svgSo it’s not the actual new year of 2015. But if you are connected with a school or college or other institution of learning, September always feels like a beginning, the place where everything starts again. (Maybe bankers feel this way about a new fiscal year but I don’t think they show the same excitement.)  I am feeling the tug of the future, the sense of new possibilities — even if the temperatures steamy.

Tonight is the first class of the MAPW’s Multimedia, Social Media and Software for the Professional Writer. The first class this summer was a learning experience for the instructor as well as the students and I am anxious to bring in new tools for digital narratives and story telling. Issues with social media are always heating up and we are looking to have a lively class. I’m already wondering what will be the new app that will swoop in and “change everything” before the end of the semester. Any guesses?

We will definitely play with some of the many videos apps out there. Over the weekend, while I was planning the class, I took out 15 minutes to create the welcoming video posted below. Fortunately I had some decent quality photos on hand of me “in action.”  Of course, I wish I could Photoshop away the wrinkles and those extra pounds but that’s no fault of the Regis photographer who did a good job under rushed conditions.

Tomorrow, Anne Stuart, a colleague, friend and one of the best all-around journalists in the Boston area,  will start her hybrid class on “Advanced Business Writing for the Trades and Technology.”  Professor Stuart is  a long-time journalist (Associated Press, Quincy Patriot Ledger) with extensive experience as a staff writer and editor at national magazines, daily newspapers, business websites and an international news service. She has been a freelance contributor to many additional print and online publications. She has also been a regular adjunct professor of graduate communication classes; frequent instructor of writing workshops. Currently, she is the editor of Custom Editorial Content at MIT’s Technology Review. Business writing — with an emphasis on technology  — is  hot field right now and Anne has been at the cutting edge for years.

Monday sees the first session of our “foundations” course, the introduction to professional writing. I’m still finalizing the schedule but this course will be heavy on guest speakers in the writing and communications field who will add a huge dose of reality and excitement to the class. Expect more about this course in the weeks to come.

After all, it is a brand new year.