And classes begin

Tomorrow (Monday) will be the first session of the Advanced Professional Writing class and the second meeting of Advanced Rhetoric: The Art of Argument.  It’s a brand new year.


A bit of bragging

phonebowlTwo of my students had pieces published in the Weston Town Crier.  One thing I want to add is that these stories were part of a class assignment in which students pitched and selected stories; they were then randomly assigned a story. Maura Murphy had suggested the Playing Santa article while Kristyn Gondola came up with the “phone in the bowl” idea. The final stories, created after a group edit and some tinkering by the instructor, were submitted for publication; two were selected.

Here’s a write-up as taken from the Regis President’s Notes newsletter:

“Just before Christmas, two Regis grad students had opinion pieces published in the Weston Town Crier. MAPW student Tara Holt “interviewed” Santa here on December 23: Nicole Jean Turner, also a student in the MAPW program, argued for cell phone silence during Christmas gatherings here: Congrats to Tara and Nicole for getting published and to their instructor, Stephanie Schorow, for inspiring them to do so!”

Thanks to EVERYONE in the class who made this exercise work. All the students in EN 500 deserve credit for this. Also a shout-out to Mike Wyner, editor at the Town Crier, who agreed to consider the submitted stories.

Major Changes for 2015

“Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” A saying attributed to John Lennon. That applies to the MAPW, this blog and my life. The Master of Arts in Professional Writing program at Regis College will be transitioned from a stand-alone program in the English Department to a track in the graduate Communication Department. In the future, students interested in this area will receive a master’s degree in Communication with a focus on professional writing. This transition begins now and will be completed by Aug. 31, 2015.

My own plans are uncertain. My contract is up as of Aug. 31, and it is unclear if I will continue as faculty at Regis College. One thing IS certain. I’m taking this blog with me! Until Aug. 31, this blog will be devoted to aspects of professional writing at Regis College; after that I will be reformatting it to reflect my own continuing efforts in professional writing.

In the meantime, this blog will continue to be a tool and workspace for students of professional writing. My thanks go out to all those in the professional writing world — my former colleagues, current colleagues, and friends — who have been so generous with their time in supporting this program. Now,  I will be making new plans.