The Land’s Sake class project, posted yesterday.

New Produce On Sale: Bell and Sweet Peppers at Land’s Sake Farm in Weston, Mass. Photo Courtesy Shelagh Dolan.

Seasonal produce on sale at Land’s Sake Farm in Weston, Mass., includes several kinds of peppers. Photo by Shelagh Dolan.

Yesterday’s post was the result of a class project completed on Saturday, July 18, at Land’s Sake farm in Weston, Mass., near Regis College. The goal: Produce a multi-media narrative, with text, photos and video, in one day. And the students did it!

Tasks were divided up: some students concentrated on interviews, some on photography, some on video. The class play acted interviews ahead of time, then went to the farm when they talked to staff and a few customers. The students felt the customers were not very friendly. The instructor, however, sees that she needs to teach students to be more aggressive (as well as respectful) in approaching strangers. The students finished their research about noon and after a break went into the class and as a group wrote a story, editing and selected photos and created a short video using iMovie.

The results were posted about 5 p.m. The class then composed tweets and research hashtags of the type that that would be sent out  to promote their story or the farm itself.

The goal was to show students how to approach a story using multiple formats and how to operate under deadline pressure. We all applauded when the instructor hit publish.


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