Who loves you, baby? Meow

The cover of Women who (still) Love Cats Too Much

The cover of Women who (still) Love Cats Too Much

A very dear friend is republishing a very funny book and asked me to comment on it. Here goes:

In the decades since the initial publication of Women Who Love Cats Too Much by Allia Zobel Nolan with illustrations by Nicole Hollander, the world has changed.

That yowling, mewing, purring sound you hear is the soundtrack of hundreds, even thousands, of cat videos, cat photos and cat memes being uploaded to the Web every day.

It’s not that far-fetched to say that cats invented social media because if we weren’t sharing videos of Nora the piano playing cat or trading posters of Grumpy Cat, or playing someone off with Keyboard Cat or laughing at Kitlers (Cats Who Look Like Hitler) or using that copious extra cat hair to Trump Your Cat — what else would we be doing? Something silly, no doubt, like actual work.

So the republication of Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much (Now With Even More Cat Hair) with updates that acknowledge the feline digital revolution, is cause for celebration. Because let’s put this book into a proper historical, social context.  It ain’t just women, folks!

Say what you want about Dog Friend vs. Cat Friend, but cats rule the Internet (except maybe for the Dog shaming) which means both nerd and nerdettes are snorting the catnip. Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much acknowledges this with such bon mots as “You stand on line for six hours to get an autographed copy of Grumpy Cat.” Or “They expect you to make videos of their midnight crazy antics and get up at 5 am to post it to their blogs.” These lines join such classics as: “You can’t enjoy sex if the cat’s box needs cleaning. “ “Or you feel guilty having a quiet, romantic evening out without your cat.”

Does this sound like you?  From: Women Who (still) Love Cats Too Much

Does this sound like you?
From: Women Who (still) Love Cats Too Much

These lines and others could be the story of my life with cats. It wasn’t always that way.  When I first met and became friend with Allia Zobel Nolan, so long ago that dinosaurs still roamed the planet, I was amused, even annoyed when she stressed over a sick cat. “You wait, “ Allia told me. “You wait and see when this happens to you!”

And oh boy. It did. I was adopted by a beautiful tortoiseshell and have not been without a feline companion since.  Which is why reading Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much remains such a pleasure – I see myself on almost every page and on almost every page, I think, “Actually, that’ s quite reasonable behavior.”

Because another friend has never let me forget the time I went to the back door and called out, “Titan, Titan come in. Animal Planet is on. You’ll like it.”

That’s not in the book, thank goodness, but readers will recognize themselves and that includes both men and women.

We all love cats – and no, it’s never too much.

The book will hit the bookstands this fall, but you can pre-order now at http://www.amazon.com/Women-Still-Love-Cats-Much/dp/075731872X.


One thought on “Who loves you, baby? Meow

  1. You captured the essence of the book perfectly, and no I won’t put “purr-fectly,” cause that’s so annoying. Just let me reiterate, I knew that someday, somehow, someway, you would get hooked on a feline, and now that you are, you see why I was, (am, actually), the way I am. Thanks, Steph. Great input.

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