COURSE Descriptions

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old-time-reporterThis core course in the graduate program will introduce students to the skills necessary in the field of professional writing and will explore the opportunities in the field. Students will learn about the variety of genres involved in writing professionally, including articles, proposals, presentation, social media campaigns, grants, speeches, position papers, executive summaries and more. Professional writing expectations and possibilities in diverse fields of business, economics, public policy, health and sciences, and the differences between writing for the for-profit and non-profit sectors will also be explored. The seminar will be taught Assistant Professor of English and program director Stephanie Schorow  who will organize several guest lectureships by a variety of professionals from the field. Each guest instructor will introduce the students to best practices in their fields. Final writing assignments will be assessed by the Regis College instructor in consultation with one of the guest lecturers.


This course will focus on research, interviewing and other tools of professional writers as well as practice in crafting long-range, in-depth projects aimed for publication.  Advanced digital research methods and resources will be explored in order to complete a capstone project.


twitterThis hands-on course introduces students to some of the social media and multimedia tools that have become part of the professional writer’s skill set. The course will review best practices for blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other tools as well as exposing students to video editing, photo editing and audio production for the Web. Students will create projects using a selection of these tools. Guest speakers and readings will probe the social and cultural issues raised by new media. The goal is to help students create a tool kit and develop problem-solving skills that will be useful now and in the future..

Public RelationsCO 611 PUBLIC RELATIONS

This course presents the theory and practice of public relations and how it operates within organizations. Students will study the professional development of the field; concepts, issues, and principles; and models and theories guiding the practice. The course emphasizes the need for well-informed, ethical practitioners with skills and abilities in key areas such as relationship building, strategic planning, management counseling, monitoring, open communication, and writing. The course focuses on the changing nature of public relations, the increasing use of new technologies, and the inclusion of public relations in the total marketing communications mix through the use of case studies, field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on assignments.Course geared toward health professionals.


Effective corporate communications in today’s global marketplace necessitates the merging of the functions of marketing, advertising, public relations, and promotion. Integrated Marketing Communication will provide the theoretical and practical knowledge of how these areas can best work together to meet an organization’s challenges and solve its problems. The course will look at business firms and non- profit organizations and will place special emphasis on public opinion and its role in the integrated marketing communication mix. Strategies for program planning and evaluation will be examined. Topics studied will include message consistency, managing the brand, use of traditional media, and Web-based activities to maximize effectiveness.



approved stamp GRANT WRITING

In this hybrid course, students will be exposed to the best practices for researching, writing, and following up on grants and other forms of fundraising for non-profits. It covers preparation of proposals to federal and local agencies, corporations and private foundations on behalf of 501 (c3) organizations as well as schools, charity groups and similar entities. The course will provide practical experience through partnerships with key non-profits. Students will learn how to write successful proposals including: case statement, goals and objectives, program budget, management plan and evaluation sections. Additionally, students will practice writing skills in non-profit management, such as the creation of effective fundraising letters and annual appeals.

ADVANCED WRITING FOR BUSINESS: From the Trades to Technology

This course will expose students to the vibrant field of business writing, with a focus on writing about technology. Taught by a professional in the field, the class will cover the rudiments of writing to a corporate, entrepreneurial or business-savvy audience on issues and topics current in today’s media market. Students will learn best practices in writing for company blogs, trade journals and other outlets.


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