Viral Video Symposium


The first Viral Video Symposium and Contest at Regis College was held on Monday, October 27, 2014. It explored the huge popularity of short videos that spread via the Internet with the team behind the viral video hit “Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend. Jimmy Craig and Justin Parker of Billerica were two struggling comedians and social media consultants when their short video on the difference between friends who act like a cat or a dog won them Internet notoriety. Entries from the first Regis College Viral Video contest were screened, followed by an award ceremony.

Here are links to coverage of the symposium:


Photo by Nicole Turner

Metro West Daily News 

Weston Town Crier

Resources for Short Video Making

Here are some resources  for putting together a video for the the Regis College Viral Video contest.

Please do not use images or music that is subject to copyright. The good news is that there are plenty of sources for fair use. For example, the  Google image search function allows you to search for images that are available for fair use: click on “search tools” and then on “Usage rights.”  You can also find material through

For music you can use, see:

For inspiration and tips for videos here are some links: This is a defunct blog but there are links here.

For lessons on making Vine videos, see:



And if you need inspiration, check this compilation:

Some of these viral videos from 2013 are hilarious, some stupid, some poignant, some just silly. But all seemed to find an audience. Take a look:

Viral Videos are not just silly fun. Short videos have been used for branding and product sales as well as by late-OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnight comedians trying to get a laugh. Check out the branding video here:




The Viral Video Contest is open to all current Regis undergraduate and graduate students. The goal is to make students think about this popular form of media which has become increasingly important. The contest is being held in conjunction with the Viral Video Symposium which will be held on Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts Auditorium. All entries that meet the basic criteria will be screened at this symposium. The contest will be judged by a panel of outside experts including the keynote speakers at the symposium.

All submissions should conform to the student code of conduct and should reflect the standards of Regis College.

Content Categories and Prizes

Enter into one or all of the following categories

  1. Narrative or documentary short film, 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Subject is wide open but should focus on an important issue, place, theme or person. Your video will be judged on organization, emotional impact, camera techniques and overall quality.
    First place $100
    Second place $75
    Third place $50
  2. Humor or Comedy, including parody. 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Create a fast and funny video aimed at getting a chuckle out of your audience. Both pets and people are acceptable topics. Please keep it clean – this must be a “G-rated” video. Your video will be judged on humor, creativity, camera technique, and overall quality.
    First place $100
    Second place $75
    Third place $50
  3. Ultra Short Videos (using Vine or Instagram). This video should be 6 to 9 seconds in length and have either a humorous or serious theme. Be creative!
    Grand prize of $100

There will also be a People’s Choice Award of $100 that will be determined by Regis students who attend the Viral Video Symposium. (So round up your entourage and attend.) Videos in any category are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

There is no entry fee. Instead, the first 10 entries to be submitted will receive a $10 certificate for Pizza Delivery.

Questions? Please email or call 781-768-7413.


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